In my humble opinion, between Yuki and Kyo, Yuki is actually more protective of Tohru. Sure, Kyo loves Tohru in that way, as "boys do to girls," but Yuki sees her as his mother. And who is a bigger mama's boy than Yuki? ... Just kidding. But just as Tohru protects Yuki throughout his life, Yuki steps in near the end of the series to help Tohru with her happy ending.

The last few chapters of Fruits Basket highlight a major turning point in Yuki and Kyo's relationship as well as Yuki's closure for Tohru. While I'll leave Kyo for another page, in brief, Kyo drowns himself in self-pity after Tohru falls off a cliff and doesn't visit her in the hospital because of his shame, and also can't deal with Tohru's confession to him. Yuki, infuriated by Kyo's inaction, confronts him, and after Kyo mutters that Yuki should be the one with Tohru, he gets even more angry. "She's always smiling around you! Do you seriously think I could make her like that? ... There are some things on this planet that only you can do. Get your act together!" This is Kyo's "proof of living" - and Kyo does as Yuki (forcefully) suggests, only to find that the hospital's closed, a fact that Yuki conveniently didn't mention because "normal people would realize that ... he's just unbelievably stupid."

From his realization of his feelings for Tohru and recognition of Kyo's as well, Yuki watched their relationship blossom, much to his discomfort because it was so obvious to everyone except the two of them. As high school comes to a close, all of them are headed in different directions. Yuki's going off to university, and Kyo and Tohru are moving off together. On the day before their departure, Yuki finds Tohru to speak alone with her. Since Tohru had finally found her happiness with Kyo, it was time for him to tell her how he felt. Tohru greets him with her usual "welcome home" (お帰りなさいです okaerinasaidesu) and Yuki responds with his usual "I'm home" (ただいま tadaima), a routine built up over years of living together.

Yuki ~ Chapter 136 I won't get to hear Honda-san say "welcome home" anymore. Still ... I'm honestly happy about all this. I'm happy that I made it to this point. I know. I was always so weak. I couldn't deal with people well, but I still wanted to be loved. I wanted to be needed. All I did was want. But during that period of my life ... you appeared. And then there you were. You granted my wish. Free of charge. You taught me so much. You gave me what I needed. That's why ... I can stand here now. The man I am today. It was you. You made me human. You raised me, as a person. To me ... you were practically my mother ... There. I finally said it. That's how I really feel. I guess it's a little lame, though. [Tohru tries to interrupt him to say it's not lame.] At any rate. You were like that to everyone else too ... Thus your existence was kindness ... We're all going to new environments so we can live our own lives. And suddenly we're all thinking of you. If you're healthy, if you're not crying, if you are laughing, if you are also happy today ... we're all thinking of it. Everybody loves you. Thank you ... it was good to meet you. It was good that you were here. Thank you ... thank you ... thank you, Tohru.

Both with tears in their eyes, Yuki shakes her hand in an oddly formal gesture. He speaks not only for himself but for all members of the Sohma family. Finally able to unseal the lid on his feelings, he opens up the very depths of his heart. And for the very first time, calls her by her first name. (Cue the waterworks.)

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