To be quite honest, I don't ever get asked these questions. I love getting asked questions or getting feedback or having discussions or getting flamed (well I haven't been flamed thus far) ... point is I love getting email! If you do want to ask me something or have a comment, please feel free to email me about it.

Why the hell did you make a site to a fictional character?
For the same reason that you're reading this - because I want to.

Can I take your content?

Can I take your layout/coding/anything graphic design?

But what if I took it anyways?
Well, honestly, I can't stop you. Lol. But that's not the classy thing to do.

Can I affiliate with your site?
Email me with a link to your site and we can discuss it!

You're wrong/you missed something here/etc ...
I'm only human. Let me know.

Why do you put the family name second, as is done with Western names?
Personal preference. I know that in Japan the family name comes first, then the given name, so it should be "Sohma Yuki" and "Takaya Natsuki", but this is an English site and it feels kind weird for me to write that outside of a name analysis section.

So tell me your thoughts on the Japanese/English translation.
What I like to do with my sites is to use the official English translation in quotes wherever possible. Just because it's "official" and I like "official" things. Sometimes, though, I do like to go back to the source material because sometimes some things get lost in translation. This is something that is a really big deal for Fruits Basket because the "official" translation is by the now-defunct Tokyopop can be pretty bad sometimes. In fact, my 24 pages of notes for this site were primarily based off of scanlation translations, which were much, much better than the official translation in most cases. Sometimes, the differences between the two are that the scanlation is purer and sweeter, but the official translation flows much better in English. So I'm taking liberties with some of my quotes - sometimes they're all from the Tokyopop translation and sometimes they're a mix of scanlation and Tokyopop and sometimes it's the scanlation. One thing that REALLY irked me about the Tokyopop translation is that they mess up and have Yuki call Tohru "Tohru" instead of "Honda-san" once before his final line in the series, which is just completely incorrect and takes away from their entire dynamic and significance of his finally calling her by her first name in the end. So that's the main reason why I decided to mix translations, because otherwise I'd just try to suck it up and deal with it #likeaboss

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