Everyone's favorite part of a shrine - the site information. If you were unaware of this fact for some odd reason, Castles In Air is not affiliated with Natsuki Takaya nor any of its publishers or distributors. It's simply a tribute made by a reader who greatly enjoyed Yuki's character and had enough free time to put this whole show together.

This site opened on 22 May 2012 after having been in the works for God knows how many years. I've been an avid fan of Yuki since I fell in love with Fruits Basket in the seventh grade (that would be somewhere in 2003-4). I compiled a 24-page file of notes of every important Yuki moment in the series with 19,572 words in November 2010 after finally obtaining most of the Furuba volumes after spending ten minutes at a Half-Price Books store on Black Friday at 7 AM, but construction didn't really start until December 2011 due to a deadly combination of school and laziness. And then sat around totally uncompleted until May. Cool story bro, right?

The site title comes from the idiom castle in the air, which essentially refers to "a plan or hope that have very little chance of happening." I really had a hard time coming up with a title that would suit a character like Yuki while also staying masculine enough and also being longer than one word (which I really wanted because all my sites made prior to this had one-word titles) ... but then I found this. I use it in reference to Yuki's hopes and desires, some of which are fulfilled (like that of having a mother) even though he never thought they would come true, and some of which are not (like wanting to be more like Kyo, which in the end he is able to accept). Also it works because Yuki is a prince, and princes need castles, right? :P And I can abbreviate it CIA, which is just the coolest thing ever. Thanks to everyone who helped out and gave suggestions!

The current design uses textures from elevatordrop and dearest. The image was found off of AnimePaper and the lyrics are taken from m-flo's "been so long (feat. JEJUNG and YUCHUN)", which is one of my favorite songs of all time. OF ALL TIME. I feel like these lyrics in particular really speak to Yuki's struggle to overcome his weakness. I can't remember exactly but the castle silhouette is from a google search for a castle and I think it may be a photo from Disneyland. Which is also awesome. And now I'm getting too sardonic so let's break off to some navigation.

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