The Prince Yuki fanclub at Kaibara High (which is apparently the name of their school) comprises 50% of its female population. The goal of the fanclub is "for everyone in school to dance and descend giving praise, love and protection to our Prince." Membership is strict, and there is a stringent set of rules with which all members must comply.

  1. Thou shalt not steal the Prince's belongings (a trademark of stalkerish, obsessive behavior)
  2. Thou shalt not go to the Prince's house
  3. When talking to him, at least two people must be present
  4. The Prince must be called as such: third year students may call him "Yuki", second years may call him "Yuki-kun", and first years may call him "Sohma-kun"

The fanclub's president is third-year student Motoko Minagawa, and among other members including her vice president Minami Kinoshita (a second year in Yuki's class), is perhaps the ultimate in her obsession with Yuki. This isn't to say that everyone else in the club isn't obsessed either, because they all try their best to keep girls from getting close to Yuki, thus hating and harassing girls like Tohru and Machi. No, they're all obsessed, but only she gets any spotlight amongst millions of other girls, so we don't care about the others.

Fanclub members like Minagawa and Kinoshita can't understand why Yuki would possibly like a girl like Tohru. However, by bothering Tohru, they incur the wrath of one of her best friends, Saki Hanajima, who is a slightly creepy girl who uses "waves." When they turn to Saki instead, she simply tells them that they need to respect other peoples' feelings and hearts, or else they'll just become burdensome. "Just because you like him, what gives you the right to do anything you want?" While they might love Yuki (superficially, at best), they don't own him and can't control him ... so this makes them think that if they can't control Yuki, they can try to control his circumstances, unfortunately.

But now, back to Minagawa. Chapter 42 of the manga is solely devoted to her, and in this chapter she describes how she loves Yuki's hair in the sunlight, his pale skin, his eyelashes when he closes his eyes, his voice ... as she puts it, his everything is her everything. Even though she barely knows him. She "fell in love" on their first meeting, when she told him he was beautiful and he thanked her. She's so obsessed with him that she complained to her parents that if she had been born a year later (into Yuki's class year), all her problems would be solved. She even goes so far with the club to harass Yuki's student council predecessor to know if there are any girls on the council that would pose a threat to Yuki.

He doesn't tell her, so they break into the student council office, only to find Yuki there! He greets them, and in her fangirling and wanting to make a good impression on him, she's unable to hold a proper conversation with him, and feebly asks him about what he recently ate. Instead of being weirded out by her strange mannerisms, Yuki merely finds it endearing, but Minagawa realizes that the only reason he's even able to smile is because of Tohru, and not because of anything she could ever say to him.

Motoko Minagawa ~ Chapter 42 I despise all girls that approach Yuki. Tohru Honda, the girls who might join the student council, the Prince Yuki Club's new president, I don't want to pick! I despise everyone, every enemy. But what I despise the most is ... is my ugly self, who thinks of such foolish things. Calculating, impudent rivals, but they are only a reflection of myself.

This is a good lesson to anyone dealing with an unrequited "love" - more like obsession, as I've repeated this word countless times on this page. Jealousy is a natural emotion of course, but taking it to such an extreme is, well, extreme. Yuki doesn't owe her anything, and by forcing her affection on him and blocking away all others, she's just hurting him. Ever the gentleman, Yuki is concerned for his senior's distress and follows her. Despite this somewhat disastrous encounter, Minagawa accepts that Yuki's only able to talk to her like this because of Tohru, and resolves not to give him on him just yet. However, even though Minagawa's realized this, the other girls of the fanclub are just as annoying throughout the rest of Yuki's high school career. They harass Machi, give Yuki presents all the time, persist in their idolizing him as a prince, etcetera.

The Minagawa saga comes mostly to a close when it comes time for her graduation. Yuki's already been confessed to by another third-year girl, and when Minagawa asks to speak to him after school, he finally realizes that she, too, must be in love with him. Finally speaking to him normally, Minagawa confesses her feelings, not because she wants or expects him to accept her or return the feeling, but because she wants to let him know that because she met him, her experience at school was that much better. She tells him that she will pray for him to find his own happiness in the future.

Yuki knows that he doesn't deserve such feelings and tells her that, regretting how much he's hurt all these girls, but thanks her just the same. He's about to apologize when she stops him - it'll ruin her mood. After all, isn't having the courage to honestly tell someone how you feel absolutely commendable? I don't really care at all about Minagawa, but to me, being able to say one's feelings and moving on without vitriol is remarkable.

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