Yuki's understanding of Kyo runs fairly deep - he sees that there's something wrong with Kyo and instead of hating him, hopes that he will be able to overcome it. When he mentions to Kyo that Tohru has his old hat, Kyo freezes up and Yuki realizes that "he's not ready to dredge up that bit of his past. But he'd better shape up soon. I don't want any trouble." On the other hand, Kyo constantly simmers in his hatred for Yuki and never steps back to examine himself. After this incident, Kyo loses his temper during the class play rehearsal and stalks out, and Yuki goes after him to tell him that everyone's waiting for him, and that he's making Tohru worry. Kyo snaps at him.

Kyo ~ Chapter 87 You just like screwing with me! You just ... you have no goddamn idea! You had a mom and dad! Everyone needed you and told you what a great person you were! You just jump over people who're trying harder than you ever did. You couldn't possibly understand how someone like me feels! Little 'prince charming,' without a care in the world. You've never had to feel what it's like to get nothing ... to wish like an idiot, for something you can't have! You're just a --

And he catches sight of Yuki's expression, which is all at once pitying and resigned, because Yuki really does know what it feels like, but Kyo hasn't fully realized this. Kyo remembers how Shigure told him that Kyo sees Yuki in this manner because he wants to, and that he would be lost if he had no one to blame.

Then, the school play (a rendition of Cinderella) Kyo is playing Prince Charming and Yuki is the fairy godmother ... for some odd reason. In this role, Yuki addresses Kyo in-character, but his words seem more like they're directed to Kyo in real life.

"I won't ask what you ask for. I only hope it comes true by your own two hands."

Kyo ~ Chapter 120 I told myself it was Yuki's fault. I made up some sort of bad guy. And I shoved all the responsibility onto him. I didn't have anything to base it on. I didn't need that. I just needed him to be the bad guy for me. Everything I didn't like could be his fault ... and I could pretend that I'd forgotten. I had to keep hating him. I had to. It was so simple. I couldn't believe how much better I felt. I just shifted the blame. I've done that since I was a kid, really. Protecting myself is the one thing I'm good at. Aren't I horrible?

Kyo goes on to say that after he returned from his training in the mountains, he made the agreement with Akito that he would be able to join the zodiac if he beat Yuki. "I was really happy .... not because it meant I could join the zodiac, but because I had another reason to hate Yuki."

After Kyo's idiocy leads him to reject Tohru's confession, Tohru falls off a cliff while conversing with Akito and gets seriously injured. Kyo wallows in his self pity and feels stupidly hopeless, while Yuki's the one who takes action to save her. Whilst explaining the situation to Tohru's grandfather, he describes how Kyo "lost his nerve and made her cry. He's the one guy who can do this better than anyone. Better than anyone. Even me." Tohru's grandfather, with a sort of smile, tells Yuki that he should basically go teach him a lesson. Fuming, he returns to the house in a stormy rage, banging the door to Kyo's room open with a loud BAM.

Yuki starts in on the insults. "You're the worst person I know." Kyo, defeated, merely replies that he can't protect Tohru and that Yuki would be better off with her. This only serves to infuriate Yuki more - what did Kyo expect he could do? Could he catch her from falling off a cliff, could he stop a car from hitting her with his bare hands. "That's incredible. Who the hell are you? Are you some kind of superhero?! You're just a stupid cat!" This rouses Kyo from his depressive stupor, and he denies that he wanted to be able to do all those things, and all he wanted was to be Yuki. Upon hearing this, Yuki, being the superior fighter, lays it all on Kyo, who isn't really doing much in terms of resistance, rocking the entire house (much to Shigure's halfhearted disapproval). Yuki can't believe Kyo said exactly the same thing as his own thoughts, and yells that he wanted to be like Kyo. At this moment, the physical component of his rage cools, and he stops hitting Kyo, and instead takes his anger out on the walls in his frustration.

Yuki ~ Chapter 123 But you are Kyo, and I am Yuki, and that's the way it is. We have to accept who we are ... and face ourselves. We dont' have a coice. You were protecting her! Open your eyes! You were! You made her laugh! You made her happy! Maybe it was ony the little things. It doesn't have to mean being a superhero. You don't have to be that strong. When you're with her ... just look at her! She's always smiling around you! Do you seriously think I could make her like that? I swear, you are so thick! There are some things on this planet that only you can do. So stop making her cry! Get your act together!

Yuki, having expended the majority of his energy, with tears in his eyes, calms down. "What are you just standing around for? I, the one you admire so much, am saying this to you. So listen to me, you stupid cat." And with that, their (admittedly one-sided) Final Boss Battle is concluded, and Kyo does as he's told.

Yuki ~ Chapter 123 "I wanted to be you." I wish I could've lived my life without making any wrong turns. But that's impossible. A path like that doesn't exist. We fail. We trip. We get lost. We make mistakes. And little by little, on stpe at a time ... we push forward. This is the only way. On our own two feet, even if there are many scars, in order to reach somewhere, someday, somebody.

Even though Yuki's let out all his feelings to Kyo, he still takes sadistic pleasure in knowing that Kyo rolled off to Tohru's hospital after visiting hours were over. "Normal people would realize that, wouldn't they? He's just unbelievably stupid." The arrival of Black Yuki, as Shigure and Hatsuharu note. He continues being affectionately cruel to Kyo throughout Tohru's hospital stay. He even gets Tohru's friends Hanajima and Uotani to kick his ass, most notably because Tohru thinks Kyo rejected her and they can't tolerate that he would do anything to make her think so.

Chapter 128 Yuki: Right - I forgot. Hearing the idiot's idiot voice reminded me.
Kyo: You've been showing less and less mercy to me lately, haven't you?
Hatsuharu: They say teasing's a sign of love.
Yuki: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. [smiling]
Kyo: Forget it - just tell me what you remembered already!
Yuki: Uotani-san Honda-san gets out of the hospital tomorrow.
Kyo: You should have told me earlier!!!
Yuki: Sorry ... I really am sorry. [laughing with shoujo sparkles]

But of course he's not really sorry at all 8)

Later, after the Sohma family sorts out all its dirty business, Akito reveals her real gender (female, just to be sure), and Tohru and Kyo finally get together, Tohru remarks that the atmosphere around Yuki and Kyo is much gentler than it was before and asks Kyo for the reason behind the change. "He beat the crap out of me. Knocked the biggest screw in my head totally loose. Don't hang out with that guy - he's a complete jerkwad. ... I'm kidding." Through their fight, they found peace with each other.

The cast continues on to high school graduation, after which Kyo and Tohru are slated to move away and Yuki is off to college. In the final chapter, Yuki comes to confess his real feelings to Tohru, and passes Kyo on the way, in what is their final interaction we see in the series. They walk past each other before Yuki addresses him, neither looking at the other.

"Hey. Make sure to keep your act together. Don't mess up ... stupid cat."

Kyo smiles.

"My life's none of your business ... stupid rat."

Yuki smiles.

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