Knowing that Yuki is the spirit of the rat, I'm obligated to show y'all a few pictures of what he looks like in his rat form. Also it's really cute, and I don't really have too much to say about it anyways, so here goes.

The zodiac members transform mostly in the beginning of the series, as Tohru finds out what each person is - it basically never happens by the middle and end of the series unless in flashbacks, though Takaya does use their animal forms to distinguish dialogue sometimes when it's just panels of text bubbles. Also, the art style of the manga changes to a more rounded style by the end of the manga, so Yuki starts out looking more like a rat in the beginning and later more like a blob vaguely resembling a rat. Still cute, though. Definitely still cute. Witness, Yuki's rat form in chapters 1, 5, and then 15:

Here, have Yuki the rat in color yay:

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